Our Promise to You

When you work with Sol, you get:

  • A dedicated team of industry experts with deep experience commercial and utility-scale solar
  • Highly competitive and compelling renewable energy solutions for municipal, commercial and educational customers
  • A track record of and commitment to upholding rigorous technical standards

You can count on Sol’s proven:

  • Superior design standards
  • Reliability
  • Transaction Flexibility
  • Ability to Deliver On Time
  • Direct Line to Senior Management

Sol Customer Solutions combines the long-term asset management experience of Sol Systems with a proven long-term ownership model from Capital Dynamics, ensuring quality and continuity throughout the life of the project.

A joint venture of Sol Systems and Capital Dynamics launched in 2019, Sol Customer Solutions is a power partnership. Sol Systems’ history of successfully developing and financing distributed generations solar projects combined with Capital Dynamics’ significant balance sheet and commitment to ownership will enable the successful financing and long-term ownership and operation of the proposed projects.