Why Build Your Career at Sol?

Work that Matters.

Every kilowatt of clean energy that our solar projects produce replaces a kilowatt from fossil fuels. The world’s health is our health.

Big Ideas, Real Results.

Your ideas can grow here. Creative thinking and problem solving is not just welcomed, it has been critical to our financial success.

A Thinking Environment.

If you take pride in mastering your craft and keeping ahead of your industry, you’ll be right at home at Sol Customer Solutions. Our thought leaders constantly share what they’ve researched, heard on the street, or developed. Peer exchange is built into our workflow.

Authentic People.

Kindness and consideration are ingrained in our culture. You can also expect to find a good amount of humor around the office.

Shoulder to Shoulder.

That’s how we work, and that’s how we maintain the highest levels of true collaboration and open communication. Don’t tell anybody, but it’s also a competitive advantage.