Working at Sol Systems

Mark Cooper - Director, Engineering

"After nearly 20 years in industry and 8 years with a large solar energy company, I planned to take a break from the corporate world and work as a consultant. Sol Systems became my primary client. After observing the company from the inside for a few months, I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of the staff and the honesty and judgment of the management team. I joined full-time and have never looked back."

Jessie Robbins - Director, Structured Finance

“People always ask in interviews, ‘What’s your favorite thing about working for Sol Systems?’ Usually I say the people – smart, talented, hardworking, and a ton of fun, you can’t ask for a better crew. But at the core of the company is a commitment to driving mainstream capital into renewable energy, because we believe it is a transformative, disruptive, revolutionary force for good in the world. We’re all here because we’re committed to the vision and believe the best is yet to come. That’s my favorite part about working for Sol.”

Kate Brandus - Customer Operations Specialist

“I actually really love the open office environment. I understand why people may prefer their own space, but I really thrive off of the high energy and organic, yet informative conversations that arise in open-air work spaces. Having your team right at your fingertips, working shoulder to shoulder gives us easy access to colleagues and allows us to tackle challenges and collaborate on solutions immediately, rather than through scheduled meetings and email chains."

Will Patterson - Marketing Analyst

"One of the great things about this job is the closeness you feel to the mission and goal of the company. The company's goals align with our personal goals in relation to how we want to contribute to the environment, as well as each other's happiness. You can always go home and sleep well knowing that you are doing something that is helping to better the world in the future and doing it with people you respect and love to be around.”

Rebecca Oren - Accounting Manager

“Every Monday, the entire Sol Systems team has lunch together and then meets to discuss our progress since the previous week. As the Senior Accountant, I’m not traditionally out on the floor a lot hearing from the other departments, so I don’t always get a sense of what’s happening unless it explicitly involves our finances. It’s really great to be able to see the big picture every Monday, and recognize how we help to support all the work being done by the different teams. It pieces together how we all fit together at Sol Systems, and how we are all working together toward a common goal.”