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How Solar Energy Works for Commercial Customers

Solar energy is one of the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic electricity sources. The technology continues to improve, becoming more efficient and affordable.  Businesses, municipalities, universities, and non-profit organizations are increasingly installing large commercial solar energy systems in order to lower their energy costs and reach their sustainability goals.

Solar Potential = Financial Opportunity

Over the past decade, solar energy has moved away from the cash purchase model in the commercial and industrial space. With Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and lease financing, achieving savings and revenue through solar energy no longer requires an upfront investment in much of the country.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)In a PPA, Sol Customer Solutions will finance, construct, own, and maintain the solar energy system through its lifespan, selling the energy to the customer at a contracted fixed-rate over a set period of time (typically 15-25 years). Given federal and state incentives, the electricity rate offered to customers in a PPA can be considerably lower than retail electricity prices, offering customers day one savings and providing a fixed-rate on power for years. Even if energy prices soar, your PPA rate stays exactly the same.
  • Solar LeaseIn certain markets, customers with available land, roof, or parking lot space have the opportunity to lease out their space to Sol Customer Solutions for a solar energy system. In this scenario, the customer/lessor receives an annual lease payment for the space, adding an instant stream of additional revenue

Sol Customer Solutions offers customized options for our commercial and municipal customers so that they can maximize solar’s benefits based on their needs.

Solar Is Dynamic

Solar energy offers unmatched versatility in terms of its size and siting. Here are a few examples of the variety of solar energy installations Sol Customer Solutions performs:

  • Large rooftop systems atop warehouses, distribution centers, and large shopping centers
  • Ground-mounted systems on open pieces of land near schools or on corporate campuses, or on municipally-owned land where solar can be used to power city-owned buildings
  • Atop canopy structures in parking lots, where a solar energy system harnesses the power of the sun while providing shelter from it to the cars parking below it.

Exemplified by our 36-building portfolio of solar arrays on schools and municipal buildings across Washington, D.C., solar can also be applied in smaller settings across a large number of locations.

Sol Customer Solutions can answer your questions about the typical qualifications for a commercial or municipal solar array.

Solar is Clean

Corporations, municipalities, and non-profits are increasingly setting sustainability goals as a response to customer preference and climate change. Solar is a renewable energy resource that produces no air and water pollution while providing organizations with a financially sound way to achieve these goals. In a space where many sustainability solutions come at a cost, solar saves companies money, supporting the triple bottom line.


Sol Customer Solutions has a proven track record of customizing PPAs and solar energy systems to deliver savings and decrease carbon emissions for our corporate, municipal, and school customers, from Amazon and Walmart to the DC Department of General Services, the City of Danville, Virginia and UMass Amherst.

Where to Start

Organizations going solar for the first time face numerous options, and the process to analyze and implement the right one can be daunting. Working with a trusted partner with specialized expertise and a successful track record reduces time and cost, and ensures you are equipped to select the optimal approach.

Contact Sol Customer Solutions now to learn how we can help:

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