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Does My Business or Municipality Qualify for Solar Energy?

Although the ideal size for commercial/municipal solar energy systems can vary considerably based on different state-specific incentive programs, as solar customers, your property is likely a good fit for solar energy if you have one of the following a solar-friendly state:

  • 200,000 sq ft of roof area
  • 8-10 acres of land area
  • 600 parking spaces

It is important to note that commercial-sized solar energy can work in a variety of scenarios where the above qualifications are not met. Please do not hesitate to call us or fill out our project intake form regarding your solar potential regardless of your property, as we’d be happy to explore your options regardless.

Sol Systems will work with any corporate, non-profit, or municipal customer that has the ability to realize savings through solar energy, though we specialize in the follow customer groups:

To learn more, explore our customer pages in the links above and below.


Businesses are increasingly realizing the opportunity solar energy provides to save money on their electricity while achieving their sustainability goals.

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Municipalities across the country are realizing energy savings and newly-expanded budgets by powering their facilities with cheap solar energy.

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Schools and Universities

As many schools scramble to find ways to make smaller budgets work for larger classrooms, falling solar costs are opening doors for schools to save millions of dollars through a variety of onsite solar applications.

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Wastewater Facilities

Wastewater facilities are increasingly choosing solar energy as a way to save money on energy bills and free up budgets.

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