Solar for your Municipality

Municipalities across the country are realizing energy savings and newly-expanded budgets by powering their facilities with cheap solar energy. Municipalities have numerous options when it comes to how they can go solar, utilizing public-owned land, rooftops, and parking lots to house solar energy. 

With the emergence of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) over the last decade, municipalities no longer need to make large, upfront investments to benefit from solar energy. Through a PPA, Sol Systems will finance, construct, and provide maintenance of the solar array throughout its life, selling the energy to the municipality for a fixed price over a set period of time (generally 15-25 years). PPA rates often much cheaper than current retail electricity rates and promise price certainty for your solar energy for years to come. No surprises, no price hikes, just clean, cheap energy at a guaranteed price. 

Sol Systems has worked with many municipalities across the country, including  Boonsboro, MD, Danville, VA, Lexington, KY, among others. Please fill out our intake form below or reach out to us at to learn more about adding solar to your community. 

Interested in going solar?

If you think your facility is a good fit for solar or want to learn more, fill out our intake form and we'll reach out to you as soon as we can. Sol Systems will evaluate your property with you at no cost.

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Learn more about a PPA

PPAs have helped to revolutionize solar energy in the last decade by eliminating the need for a large upfront investment and providing customers price certainty for electricity.

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