Solar for Schools and Universities

Both public and private schools, at the elementary to university level, are increasingly taking advantage of the savings, power, and educational opportunities that solar energy systems provide. As schools scramble to find ways to make smaller budgets work for larger classrooms, falling solar costs are opening doors for schools to save millions of dollars through a variety of onsite solar applications and financing models. 

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), schools can realize day-1 savings while avoiding a large, upfront investment. Sol Systems finances, constructs, and provides maintenance to its solar systems, selling the electricity produced to the school at an agreed-upon, fixed price. PPAs last anywhere from 15-25 years, providing schools with price certainty on their electricity for years to come at rates lower than the schools’ current utility bills. 

Sol Systems has worked with all varieties of schools and universities, ranging from a project with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to a portfolio of 25+ public school rooftops in our Washington, D.C. home. 


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Solar offers more benefits than just savings

Various studies on solar energy arrays at places of education show the positive effects of learning opportunities created by having solar energy technology onsite.

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