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Solar at Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Wastewater facilities are increasingly choosing solar energy as a way to save money on energy bills and free up budgets. With the cost of solar significantly dropping over the past decade, the open land that many wastewater facilities possess has become ripe for lower cost, clean energy. 

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)wastewater treatment facilities can now turn open land into savings without any upfront investment. Sol Systems pays for and installs the solar array, and the facility locks into a long-term agreement (15-25 years) to purchase the energy at an agreed-upon fixed price. 

The economic and environmental value that onsite solar energy can bring to a wastewater treatment facility is further supported by interesting parallels in shared purpose between solar and wastewater treatment. Both provide an essential service to our communities by converting a natural resource into a valuable service. Sol Systems has worked successfully with wastewater treatment facilities nationwide to ensure they enjoy savings and long-term price certainty for their solar-generated electricity. 

Want to learn more about opportunities involving wastewater and solar energy? Read about our work with wastewater facilities.

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PPAs have helped to revolutionize solar energy in the last decade by eliminating the need for a large upfront investment and providing customers price certainty for electricity.

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