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Explore your solar financing options with Sol Customer Solutions. 

Solar energy for commercial, municipal, and industrial spaces can be utilized through two options with Sol Customer Solutions: a power purchase agreement (PPA) and a solar lease. Different state solar incentives often drive the choice, and Sol is happy to walk you through both options, no matter your situation.  

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) 

PPA is an agreement where a customer, instead of buying a solar energy system, agrees to buy the electricity from solar energy system owned by a developer for a low, fixed rate over a set period of time. In a PPA with Sol, we install, own, and operates the system, requiring no capital outlay from our customer, and then sell the electricity it produces to the customer at a fixed rate ($/kWh) over a set period of time, assuring the customer a guaranteed price for their energy over the contract’s life; no surprises. 

Interested in learning more about PPA options in your state? Learn more about a PPA contract with Sol Customer Solutions. 

Solar Lease  

In a number of solar markets, underutilized land, rooftop and parking lot space can be leased for a solar energy systems providing organizations, businesses, and land owners with monthly lease payments that would otherwise go unrealized. For customers, our systems represent extra income and realized opportunity.  We want our customers to feel completely comfortable with the lease agreement, construction schedule, and term length. 

Do you have underutilized land in your commercial space? See if a solar lease is available in your state. 

Looking to explore your options for going solar? Contact our team at energy@solsystems.com. 

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Benefits of a PPA include: No capital outlay, long-term, fixed rate for energy that provides price certainty, and...

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Solar Lease

Benefits of a lease include: Your underutilized rooftop, or parking lot space becomes a new revenue stream by leasing the space out for solar energy, and...

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