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Leasing Your Space for Solar

In a number of solar markets, underutilized land, rooftop and parking lot space can be leased for a solar energy systems providing organizations, businesses and land owners with monthly lease payments that would otherwise go unrealized. A solar lease through Sol Systems is simple:

We Pay You

Our customers face no upfront costs when entering a lease agreement with Sol Systems, and instead can expect lease payments from Sol Systems for the space used for the system. For customers, our systems represent extra income and realized opportunity.

If you have the property, the money is waiting for you.

We Do the Work

When the space is leased out, all of the construction work for the solar system, along with its costs, are handled by Sol Systems. Once the system is constructed, Sol Systems takes care of all maintenance and upkeep, along with its costs, for the duration of the lease. We do all the work while keeping our customers as informed about the process as they’d like to be.

We Do It Your Way

Above all else, we want our customers to feel completely comfortable with the lease agreement, construction schedule, and term length. Our contracts are flexible, and are custom-fitted to each of our customers.

See below for the states we lease space in.


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Leasing Your Space in Massachusetts

Do you have underutilized rooftop, plot of land, or parking lot in Massachusetts? Turn it into bonus revenue by leasing it for solar energy.

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Leasing Your Space in Washington, DC

With the rise of solar energy, D.C. property owners now have multiple ways to bring in extra cash flow by leasing out their property for solar.

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