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Going Solar Through a PPA

Solar energy is unmatched in its ability to provide customers with long-term price-stability through the utilization of a power purchase agreement (PPA), a contract structure through which Sol Systems has financed over $750 million of solar installations.

A solar PPA is an agreement where the customer agrees to buy the electricity from a solar energy system that Sol Systems finances, constructs and owns. Sol Systems installs, owns, and operates the system, requiring no capital outlay from the customer, and then sells the electricity it produces to the customer at a fixed rate ($/kWh) over a set period of time, assuring the customer a guaranteed price for their energy over the contract’s life; no surprises.

A PPA with Sol Systems:

  • Requires no capital outlay from the customer
  • Provides a fixed rate for energy over 20-25 years
  • Offers price certainty against a volatile electricity market
  • Includes engineering, design, and construction
  • Covers all operation and maintenance


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What is a PPA?

Through a power purchase agreement (PPA), commercial solar customers now have no upfront costs, and can see energy savings on day one. 

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Going Solar in New York

New York recently pledged over $1 billion in investments in clean energy over the next decade to support the Clean Energy Standard. This mandate that 50% of the state’s electricity must come from renewable energy by 2030 promotes the development of solar energy for customers across the state.

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Going Solar in Illinois

Illinois' recently passed Future Energy Jobs Act is helping corporate, non-profit and municipal entities realize the benefits of onsite solar energy.

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Going Solar in Maryland

Maryland's solar market renaissance is just beginning and corporate/municipal entities are well-positioned to benefit from Maryland's current market conditions.

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Going Solar in Massachusetts

Massachusetts continues its run as one of the strongest solar markets in the country, offering customers low PPA rates through its strong incentive program.

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Going Solar in Nebraska

Nebraska continues to serve as an ideal market for utilities, co-ops and public power districts to save money through the addition of solar to their energy portfolios.

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