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Sol Systems is actively developing solar projects for commercial, industrial and municipal customers across the country. Given the varying incentives offered at the state-level, solar customers in different states realize cost savings in different ways. Sol Systems is currently active in, but not limited to, the following markets:

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Maryland's solar market renaissance is just beginning and corporate/municipal entities are well-positioned to benefit from Maryland's current market conditions.

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New Jersey

New Jersey boasts one of the strongest and most mature solar markets in the country, offering a multitude of options for corporate and municipal customers to save money through going solar.

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Washington, D.C.

With the rise of solar energy, D.C. property owners now have multiple ways to bring in extra cash flow by leasing out their property for solar.

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New York

New York recently pledged over $1 billion in investments in clean energy over the next decade to support the Clean Energy Standard. This mandate that 50% of the state’s electricity must come from renewable energy by 2030 promotes the development of solar energy for customers across the state.

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Illinois' recently passed Future Energy Jobs Act is helping corporate, non-profit and municipal entities realize the benefits of onsite solar energy.

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Nebraska continues to serve as an ideal market for utilities, co-ops and public power districts to save money through the addition of solar to their energy portfolios.

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Massachusetts' continues to be a solar leader on the east coast. Learn more about the benefits of going solar in the Bay State.

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