Going Solar in California

There is Still a Golden Opportunity through Solar in the Golden State

California is home to the United States’ largest and robust solar energy market. Designed to help the state reach its ambitious environmental goals, the state has numerous incentives and programs to help companies and organizations achieve sustainability goals and save money on their energy bills.

Sol brings together Sol Systems’ proven development expertise and track record with Capital Dynamics’ Clean Energy Infrastructure platform, home to approximately $5.9 billion of assets under management. Together, we have built and financed more than 50 projects in the Golden State to date, and aim to accelerate growth in California for years to come. The projects range from ground mount, rooftop, and carport solar installations. So, any organization with underused land, rooftops, or parking lots can benefit from the expansion of Sol in California.

Take the first step. Learn what opportunities you have to go solar in California today!

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