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Going Solar in Maryland

Sol Systems has been working to help corporate, non-profit and municipal entities realize the benefits of onsite solar energy in the form of energy cost reductions and stable pricing. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Sol Systems installs, owns, and operates the system and then sells the electricity it produces to the customer at a fixed rate ($/kWh) over a set period of time.

Why a PPA in Maryland?

In early April, the Maryland legislature passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which is set to make Maryland a leader in the solar energy space. State renewable portfolio standards like Maryland’s, which mandates that 50 percent of the state’s energy be produced by renewables by 2030, are large drivers of renewable economies, creating jobs and enabling commercial and municipal entities to save money through energy sources like solar.

For businesses and municipalities across Maryland, the new incentives created by the Clean Energy Jobs Act provide the ability to achieve a low-cost, long-term fixed rate of electricity from an onsite solar project through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

For more info, read our one pager on Maryland solar.

Sol Systems has developed and financed commercial-scale solar projects in Maryland for more than 6 years, having facilitated more than 23 megawatts worth of solar capacity for corporations, municipalities, and non-profit organizations.

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A PPA in Maryland guarantees a fixed price of energy for the power your system produces over the length of the contract, saving customers money with no surprises. Learn more about the PPA structure.

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