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Going Solar in Nebraska

Sol Systems has teamed up to serve Nebraska municipal utilities, co-ops, and public power districts seeking to add solar to their energy mix. The N-Solar Initiative offers a seamless, complete package of expert development services and a secure, competitive source of financing for Nebraska solar customers.

With a long history of serving Nebraska communities, Mesner Development assembled a team of solar energy experts — Sol Systems for power purchase agreements and project development, and GenPro Energy Solutions for site development. Through this initiative, public power districts,┬ámunicipal utilities, co-ops, and large utilities can continue to focus on serving their customers and community while procuring proven high quality, competitive solar energy.

Why Solar in Nebraska?

With the cost of solar energy continuing its years-long decline, Nebraska, where flat land and sun are abundant, continues to serve as an ideal market for solar energy systems. For a variety of entities working to provide power to communities in the state, going solar through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) can offer energy savings and certainty over a long period of time. A solar PPA with Sol Systems:

  • Provides the utility a fast-track to expanding services
  • Spurs local economic development
  • Improves customer satisfaction through customer choice
  • Offers retail customers price certainty
  • Does not require utility to spend scarce time and money figuring out how to develop and market solar
  • Allows the utility to focus on what it knows best, serving its custom

Our Work in Nebraska

Lexington Solar Array

In 2017, Sol Systems and GenPro partnered with the City of Lexington (NE) to develop, finance, and construct a 3.9 MW solar farm.

  • The 3.9 MW array will produce enough energy to power
  • 700 homes each year, the most per capita of any solar project in the state
  • By locking into a PPA, the City of Lexington will have 25 years of price certainty against volatile wholesale electricity rates
  • The portfolio will produce roughly 7,100 MWHs of electricity each year, offsetting more than 550,000 gallons of gas consumption

Take a look at our case study on the Lexington project

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Learn More about a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A PPA in Nebraska guarantees customers a fixed price of energy for the power your system produces over the length of the contract, saving customers money with no surprises. Learn more about the PPA structure.

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