Going Solar in Virginia

Sol Customer Solutions is working to help corporate, non-profit, and municipal Virginia solar customers realize the benefits of onsite solar energy in the form of energy cost reductions and stable pricing. Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Sol installs, owns, and operates the system and then sells the electricity it produces to the customer at a fixed rate ($/kWh) over a set period of time. Customers interested in an operating lease can also explore those options with Sol.

Why Go Solar in Virginia

In early 2020, the Commonwealth passed the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA), which mandates 100% of Virginia’s electric grid be powered by clean energy sources by the year 2050. The law establishes a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) incentive program, adding immense value to solar energy projects in the state and, in turn, lowering costs to the end consumer.

For businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and school districts across Virginia, the new incentives created by the VCEA provide the ability to achieve a low-cost, long-term fixed rate of electricity from an onsite solar project through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

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Learn More about a Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)

A PPA in Virginia guarantees a fixed price of energy for the power your system produces over the length of the contract, saving customers money with no surprises. Learn more about the PPA structure.

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