I’m proud to announce the establishment of Sol Customer Solutions, a joint venture between Sol Systems and Capital Dynamics. This joint venture will leverage Sol Systems’ existing development business and its customer relationships with Capital Dynamics’ market-leading clean energy infrastructure platform to meet the needs of some of the largest electricity customers in the United States.

We began Sol in 2008 as a small, passionate group of people dedicated to building a more resilient and sustainable energy future. In the years since, our industry has powered millions of homes and business with solar, the cost of solar has fallen 90%, solar modules that cost $4/watt now cost 30 cents, and Sol has deployed more than 850MW (over $2 billion) of solar with our partners.

And this is just the beginning. This growth is part of an imminent transformation of our energy infrastructure towards renewable energy that is driven by public support and customer demand. Over 80% of Americans support more solar and two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies have committed to procuring more renewable energy.

We will continue to work with our new partners, our clients, and our customers to drive this transformation. We build a more sustainable future together.

-Yuri Horwitz, CEO