Blog Claire Siwulec | September 08, 2020

Why Solar for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities?

Water and wastewater facilities are vital to the success and growth of surrounding communities. However, powering these facilities requires a tremendous amount of energy, consuming 4% of all energy used in the US.  To free up budgets and make use of excess land, water and wastewater facilities are well poised to utilize solar energy to power their…
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Blog William Patterson | September 02, 2020

Uncovered Opportunity – Why New York Parking Lots are Potential Cash Cows

As any New Yorker knows, clean energy has been a priority for Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration. However, not every New…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | September 01, 2020

Miles Braxton Wins Clean Energy Leader Institute 2020 JEDI Award

On August 29th, Miles Braxton, Business Development Associate at Sol, received the Clean Energy Leadership Institute (CELI) Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) award. This prestigious and outstanding award is given to an individual…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | August 10, 2020

Putting NJ Parking Lots to Work with Solar Energy

New Jersey’s solar presence has become increasingly prevalent in today’s market for renewables. As a long-time solar energy leader on the East…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | July 29, 2020

What is a PPA?

Corporations, municipalities, and non-profits spend a lot of time looking for new ways to save money and commit to sustainable initiatives. However, those two needs often don’t mesh. Luckily, going…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | July 23, 2020

How Can My Municipality Go Solar?

Municipalities across the country are realizing energy savings and increased budgets by powering their facilities with inexpensive solar energy. Solar offers opportunities for…
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Blog Anna Noucas | July 14, 2020

Why Maine Is Positioned to Lead in the Solar Energy Space

Just a short jaunt across the Piscataqua River from Kittery, my passion for renewable energy and environmental protection was born.…
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Blog Sol Team | June 12, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Sol is Committed to the Black Community The team at Sol is heart-broken by the recent murders of George Floyd,…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | October 25, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Sandhya Mahadevan

With a team of bright, dedicated professionals, Sol Customer Solutions (SCS), delivers premier services for solar energy clients with one of the…
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Blog Claire Siwulec | October 09, 2019

Employee Spotlight – Miles Braxton

With a team of bright, dedicated professionals, Sol Systems, delivers premier services for solar energy clients with one of the…
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Anna Noucas

Senior Manager, Business Development
Anna Noucas leads Sol Customer Solutions’ origination efforts in a variety of markets, where she works to source, diligence and…
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Andrew Gilligan

Andrew Gilligan leads the Sol Customer Solutions company – overseeing and managing one of the most experienced and leading solar…
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Sandhya Mahadevan

Senior Associate, Business Development
Sandhya Mahadevan serves as Senior Associate of Business Development for Sol Customer Solutions. Ms. Mahadevan helps private and public customers…
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Marc Rubcich

Senior Director, Business Development
Marc Rubcich serves as a senior director at Sol Customer Solutions.  In this role, he manages a service-driven department focused…
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